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Your Licenced Pool Barrier Inspector

Pool Barrier Inspectors is a Pool and Spa Inspection Service based in Melbourne, providing peace of mind for those purchasing properties with pools. Many individuals who own pools or have just purchased a home need to be made aware if they need a maintenance inspection, renovation or repair. Rather than addressing expensive swimming pool problems at home, we recommend you contact our pool inspectors.

As certified pool barrier inspectors, we are into this consulting business to ensure your children’s safety around pools and spas. Our pool barrier inspectors will visit your yard and evaluate your home’s swimming pool/spa for hazards such as an improper fence, railing or decking.

Swimming pool safety has been mandated by the government. We consult you on how best to ensure the safety of your children through all of our work. Our pool inspector does all the safety checks, including the fence, boundary door, and window. Our certified pool barrier inspectors are highly qualified and registered with Victoria Building Authority (VBA).

How We Work

Whether you’re an existing pool owner or looking to invest in a property with a pool on the premises, our aim at Pool Barrier Inspectors is to provide you with confidence and peace of mind. Our pool safety inspections often save investors thousands of dollars by identifying non-compliance issues surrounding the pool environment in their prospective homes or spas. After inspecting your pool at home or spa, our spa inspector creates a report and provides them within 24 hours. Once the inspection is complete, our spa fence inspector will give you a written report, and within 60 days, you have to get the issues fixed and re-arrange the pool barrier inspection to complete the process.

The pool fence inspector carries out all the functions to ensure safety around the pool. Our mission is to protect young children from accidental drownings around swimming pools. We work as licensed Pool Barrier Inspectors with an aim to ensure your kids’ safety around the pool area. Our pool barrier inspectors come in with right equipment, safety measures and training to ensure your pool is safe. We utilise industry-standard testing methods to determine if your pool’s construction – is compliant with the code and the guidelines of the swimming pool safety legislation. Our Pool and Spa Barrier Inspectors also offer weekend services that you can take advantage of if your weekdays are busy.

‘Pool Barrier Inspectors’ is a licensed leading pool safety inspection provider. Our inclusive range of services is designed to assist you with everything you need, regarding the safety of your family and home. Whether you require a comprehensive report of existing issues with your pool/spa or want to ensure compliance before you buy a home with a swimming pool/spa on the premises, we are here to help.

Why Us

Professional Service Of The Highest Standards

We Work With You To Achieve Compliance

Fully Insured And Vba Licensed Inspectors

Easy To Read And Understand Reports

We Will Remind You Of Your Inspection

Fast Turn Around Time

Covid Compliant Inspectors

Services We Provide

Compliance Inspection

Compliance Inspection


  • Comprehensive onsite pool or spa barrier inspection as per Australian Standards
  • The pool barrier inspector also provides a written report with photos and an explanation on the same day
  • Written recommendations on repair works, if needed
  • The pool barrier inspector gives a comprehensive brief to the property owner
  • Issuance of Certificate of Barrier Compliance on the day if no repairs or changes are required
Follow Up Inspection

Follow-Up Inspection


  • Our pool inspector pays a secondary visit after you have made all necessary repairs recommended at the Initial Inspection
  • Comprehensive onsite pool or spa barrier inspection as per the Australian Standards
  • Written report with photos and explanation on same the day
  • Written recommendations on any further repair works, if needed
  • Issuance of Certificate of Barrier Compliance on the day, if no repairs or changes are needed
Pool Services

Consultation Service/Pre-Purchase pool and spa safety barrier check


  • Thinking of purchasing a property with a pool or spa? Our spa inspector helps you with the barrier check and consultation.
  • If you suspect your pool safety barriers are not up to Australian Standards, then you must get in touch with our spa fence inspector.
  • Our spa barrier inspector’s comprehensive report will highlight costly defects that may stand in the way of you gaining a Certificate of Barrier Compliance.

We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive service with integrity, honesty, transparency and punctuality.

Self-Assessment Pool Inspection checklist

Frequently Asked Questions
Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Registration of pool and spa is done by local council. Contact your local council or visit their website to register the pool.

You will be required to register your pool with the local council just once.

The council will determine the date of construction and the applicable barrier standard and inform you in writing in the letter you get after the registration of your pool.

Every four years after the first certificate of pool and spa barrier compliance was lodged with the council.

It’s an offence to not a certificate of barrier compliance for a pool or spa by the due date, and you can face substantial on the spot fines and penalties.

Pool/Spa construction date Compliance certificate must be lodged by
On or before 30 June 1994 1st November 2021
From 1 July 1994 until 30 April 2010 1st November 2022
From 1 May 2010 until 31 October 2020 1st November 2023

Construction of pool or spa commenced and completed after 1st November 2020. 30 days after you receive the occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection.

Yes – Regardless of children present in the household or not it is mandatory to get a certificate of compliance.

There are 3 steps to achieving pool or spa barrier safety compliance:

1. Register your pool or spa with your local council. Each council in Victoria has online services for the registration of your pool or spa. Following registration, your local council will send you an email or letter confirming that your pool or spa has been registered, confirming the date of construction and the applicable Australian Standard® that it should adhere to.

2. Book Pool Barrier Inspectors to visit your property to conduct a comprehensive onsite review of your pool or spa safety barrier, and obtain your Certificate of Barrier Compliance. It is very important that you provide us with a copy of the email or letter from your local council confirming your pool or spa has been registered prior to the day of inspection. This email or letter will include the date of construction of your pool or spa.

3. Submit your Certificate of Barrier Compliance from Pool Barrier Inspectors to your local council within 30 days of the date of issue.

Pool Barrier Inspectors is Melbourne’s leading pool and spa safety professionals for safety barrier inspections. We are qualified to carry out inspections across Victoria for all existing and new pool and spa fencing associated with:

  • Residential home owners
  • Body Corporates
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Motels
  • Caravan Parks
  • Schools
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